Big city sportswear

Big city sportswear

Design & Development

Big City Sportswear – An E-Commerce Website with Integrated T-Shirt Design Tool

The website required integration of T-shirt design tool in order to give a wonderful online purchasing experience to its end-users. We designed and developed the T-shirt design tool according to the requirements of the client. This tool allows end-users to customize their favorite T-shirts and make them more attractive and unique.

Features of the site
  • Opening an online store
  • Blog
  • Gift options
  • User can customize various products such as T-shirts, punching bags, fight gears and various modes of printing
  • More…..
Features of T-shirt design tool
  • User can select his favorite T-shirt
  • User can add text with text color
  • User can add image and edit it as per requirement
  • User can add effects
  • User can see different views of the product
  • User can add image in different shapes
  • User can add the product into the cart for purchase

Using this tool, user can design his favorite T-shirt and make his own T-shirt design from plenty of designs. If you have anything similar to discuss, please feel free to call us at +91 20 3291 3760.

CLIENT: Mr. Modi, India